Our pricing is scheduled so that no dealership is too small to afford our services and we don’t take advantage of large returns on the dollar.

Pricing for WARRANTY PARTS AND LABOR INCREASE PACKAGES that are submitted to the manufacturer is a one-time charge, agreed upon up front with a contract. You only pay when the manufacturer notifies the dealership of the approval, and better yet, we have a pricing cap based on store size so you will not over pay.

Due to the volume and low overhead we can afford to be the lowest cost producer and will price match any other vendor.

CONSULTING SERVICES are based over a 6-month period. We believe there is not a reason for us to be there any longer unless we just need a couple of touch ups.

Since our charges are based on the individual store’s volume we will need to estimate the lift we can provide. We can verbally give you a ball park figure of the cost. To be exact we will need to determine how much new found monies are available for you. It will take less than 10 minutes to evaluate the potential so have your numbers ready when calling or sending an e-mail. Whether you use us or not, all information is held in the strictest of confidence.

We will provide references upon request.